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Those who are, or were, students at Oxford are now able to join the Oxford Union online. Students and Alumni can become Members all year - it's never too late.

Why not give a loved-one Oxford Union Membership, enriching the student days of a family member or friend who has started at Oxford? What better way to let them know how proud you are than to give them membership of the world's most prestigous debating society, with 186 years in the forefront of debating, politics, and education. Not to mention access to Oxford's most exciting social events, a unique central Library, and world-famous speakers. The Union Bar - only open to Members - really is the hub of life at Oxford and with cheap drinks, you won't be out of pocket either.

Or, if you're the student, why not join yourself? Historically, nearly 70% of the University do and we have a generous Access Scheme for those on a full maintenance grant. Harold Macmillan, one of 12 members who became British Prime Minister, quipped that "the Union has arguably become more important than the University itself", so why not join both?

Please only fill in the form below if you/the Member is/was

  • a student at Oxford University,
  • studying a course of one year or longer
  • as a member of a College or Hall
  • but not as a visiting student
  • and not as a member of the department of Continuing Education

If not, please view our other membership categories or call the General Office on 01865 241353.

After you've joined, we do also ask for £9 a year by Standing Order, to cover the cost of sending you three glossy termcards. Joining is simple: once you've paid online, please drop into the General Office more than 48 hours later, with your Bodleian Card (your College will give you this when you arrive), one passport-sized photograph, and your bank details. Your new membership card will be made for you and you can start using the facilities straight away (perhaps a tour and a drink in the bar for starters!)

Please fill in the form below and click "Pay Now", after which your details will be sent to Paypal for secure online payment, by either Credit or Debit Card. There is a 3% transaction fee for processing your card payment securely online (for full terms, please click here.). It's really important that you fully complete all of the fields or you might have to queue when you arrive!

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Please note - If you select Access Membership, you need to be eligible to receive a full UK Government Maintenance Loan (or in receipt of full UK Government Maintenance Grant if awarded in 2015 or before).

For Access Membership after 22 October, please contact the Office.

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If you have any questions or requests about this term please do not hesitate to get in touch at You can join all year round, so if you're not a member yet - don't worry as it's not too late!