Categories and Fees


In order to join the Oxford Union, please drop into the General Office with one passport-sized photograph and a method of payment (cash, cheque, credit or debit card), and your card will be made up for you there and then. If you have received a Freshers' Information Pack, please complete and return the forms enclosed. Forms can be ordered by calling +44 (0)1865 241353.

Costs last updated: August 2016

LIFE MEMBERSHIP -  £255  (£229 during Freshers' Open Period*)

Life Membership is for:

  • Fully-matriculated (or soon-to-be matriculated) members of the University of Oxford (including alumni). 
  • Members of the Oxford Institute of Legal Practice (OILP) undertaking a full-time course of one year or more, 
  • Qualifying members of Department of Education Studies undertaking a full-time course of one year or more,
  • Members of the Department of Continuing Education undertaking a full-time course of one year or more;
  • Those with MA status in the University of Oxford.

It is possible to pay for Life membership via a monthly standing order, please ask for the Life by STO form. Students who fulfil a 'Life Membership' criterion may, if they wish, join as Long-Term Members, but this must be for the full duration of their course using the Long-Term Membership form available from the General Office.

Notes on completing the Life Membership application form are available here

ACCESS SCHEME - £152  (£137 during Freshers' Open Period*)

The Oxford Union is committed to improving Access. If you qualify for Life Membership, but are eligible to receive the Full Government Maintenance Loan (2016) (or those who received a full maintenance grant if awarded in 2015 or before), then you may join as a Life Member under the Access Scheme. (It is also possible to pay for Access Life membership via monthly standing order: please ask for the Access Life by STO form).

*The Freshers' Open Period ends 20 October 2016



For those taking courses lasting three years or more: £255

For those taking courses lasting two years, or with two years remaining: £191

For those taking courses lasting one year or less, or with one year or less remaining: £127

If you attend:

  • Oxford Brookes University,
  • Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies,
  • Oxford Centre for Postgrad Hebrew Studies,
  • Ripon College (Cuddeston),
  • Ruskin College,
  • St Stephen's House, or
  • Westminster College

then you are eligible for Long-Term Membership, which must be for the duration of your course.

If you are a member of University Staff, you may join on an annually-renewable basis whilst you are in the University's employ.


1 term:   £127

2 terms: £191

3 terms: £255

Members of the following institutions can apply for Short-Term Membership:

Abacus College Ephraim Williams Oxford Program for Undergraduate Studies (OPUS)
Assoc Members of St Catherine, Mansfield & LMH previously WISC European School of Management (EAP) Oxford Tutorial College
Boston University Graduate Assoc at St Catherine's Georgia University Program in Oxford Reuters Foundation Program at Green College
Boston University Program in Oxford Greene's Tutorial College Sarah Lawrence Program
Buckland University Oxford Academy St Bede's Hall
Butler Program (St Catz) Oxford Assoc Student Program (OASP) St Clare's, Oxford
Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies (CMRS) Oxford Business College Stanford University
Cherwell College Oxford Centre for Yiddish Studies Washington International Studies Centre (WISC)
Collingham College Oxford International Study Centre
d'Overbroek's College Oxford Media &  Business School



Any student member of Oxford University may join the Union as an Educational Affiliate.  This entitles the holder to use the libraries, attend debates and meetings, but will not allow access to any social facilities, eg The Members' Bar, The Purple Turtle, snooker or social events;  affiliates may not run for office or hold appointed positions, sit on committees or vote in elections etc.  Please apply to the General Office (01865 241353) for further details.


If you have lost your Union Card and need a replacement, please ask for the Replacement Card form and post it to the Union General Office, together with one passport photograph, some photo ID (eg photocopy of Drivers' licence, Bod card etc which will be returned to you) and £5. For more information please email (or download the Replacement Card application here and send it, together with your photo ID and passport photograph, to:  The Membership Secretary, The Oxford Union, Frewin Court, Oxford OX1 3JB)

Term Card

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If you have any questions or requests about this term please do not hesitate to get in touch at You can join all year round, so if you're not a member yet - don't worry as it's not too late!