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Since its foundation, the Union has maintained a library for the use of its members. One of the largest lending libraries in Oxford, it is of particular relevance to students studying Classics,Old_Library_from_gallery_001_-_small English, History, Law, PPE and Theology. In recent years, the Science section has been expanded. The library has a significant collection of 19th century publications, both books and journals, which would be of special interest to researchers studying that period.

In addition, the Union has a good collection of recreational reading including contemporary fiction and an up-to-date selection of travel guides.  There is a wide-ranging stock of DVDs from general release films, world cinema and period drama to TV series and animation.  The Library also stocks a selection of the quality newspapers and a broad range of magazines, such as the Economist, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Country Life, Private Eye, the Spectator, New Statesman, New Scientist, Time and Vogue. 

The Library Staff

The Library is officially headed by the Librarian, who is a student elected every term. In practice, the day-to-day running of the Library is handled by Librarian-in-Charge Su Lockley, Deputy Librarian Laura Johnson, Trainee Librarian Emma Quinlan and Senior Library Assistant Niels Sampath.

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