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Help care for the Union's Historic Collection

Wood's Oxford - volumes conservedContribute to the preservation of the Union Library for future generations 



£7 buys a protective box for a book
With £30 we can rebind a volume 


Adopt a book to help preserve the Union's Historic Collection 

The Union Library has always collected controversial, quirky and unusual books and now has a fascinating Historic Collection of mainly 19th century material, some of which is not available anywhere else in Oxford.

Adopt a book from £5 and:

Choose your book and complete the adoption form. You can also adopt a book when you visit the Union.

Your donation will contribute to the preservation of the Library's Historic Collection. Donations only support the conservation of a particular book when this has been agreed in advance. Contact the Librarian-in-charge if you would like to sponsor a particular title from our collection.

Sponsor the full conservation of a title of your choice with a donation from £400

The Union is one of the largest lending libraries in Oxford. Our Historic Collection covers Classics, English, History, Law, Philosophy, Politics, Literature, Economics, Theology and Science, as well as a range of journals, early travel guides and 19th century religious and political pamphlets.


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