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The Library holds a fascinating historic collection of the books that undergraduates in the nineteenth century would have been reading. Not all of them were part of the university curriculum! But sadly, over the years their condition has deteriorated and nowadays many of the historic books are in desperate need of some tender loving care.

Here’s where you can help. By taking part in our Adopt-a-Book programme you can pay for a book of your choice to be repaired, conserved and catalogued. In recognition of your support, you will be sent an “adoption certificate” and your gift will be acknowledged on the library catalogue.

Two sorts of adoption are available. 

Standard adoptions are for books in poor condition through wear and tear during normal usage as part of the Library collection.  They are generally nineteenth and twentieth century publications.  The adoption will pay for rebinding so that the books can be returned to the shelves in good condition for readers to use.

Premium adoptions are for books of particular significance.  In some cases this is because of their age, or because they are unusual books.  Alternatively they may be of special importance to the oxford Union Society (e.g. its Library accession books) or to the University of Oxford (e.g. student newspapers).  A premium adoption will pay for more extensive conservation work to be carried out, for example leather treatment, rebuilding of damaged boards, paper repairs and cleaning.

If you have attended events at the Oxford Union, studied in the awe-inspiring Old Library, visited the world-famous Pre-Raphaelite murals or simply wish to show your support, please complete an adoption application form and join us now as an adopter.

To find out more about the Oxford Union Library's Adopt a Book programme please  contact the Librarian-in-Charge  Su Lockley, or telephone 01865-246782 

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