Library catalogue


About 80% of the Library's stock is on the University catalogue, SOLO and more is being added all the time. This includes all books bought since 2001 and also most textbooks, fiction, travel guides and other popular works. Older materials may be found using the card catalogue in Library Reception.

A list of the Library's journals is available here.

Most books may be borrowed.  If the location is shown on SOLO as Closed Stack, sign in and click on Hold to place a request or ask at the Library Desk. 

Finding things in the Library

To find a book in the Library, first look it up on SOLO (the University libraries' catalogue) to find the shelfmark.  Plans of the Old Library and the Gallery and Poetry Room show where the shelfmark is in the Library.  To browse the shelves for a subject rather than a particular book, check this handy guide to subjects and shelfmarks. 



For help with finding DVDs, have a look at this short video.

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