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The Library Committee meets weekly during term time and is chaired by the Junior Librarian.  Its remit is to select new stock for the Library, to identify material for withdrawal and to discuss any other issues which impact on the day-to-day operation of the Library.  In addition to the Junior Librarian, the Senior Librarian, the Librarian-in-Charge, the Deputy Librarian (Minutes Secretary) and a representative of Standing Committee, the Committee has up to 12 junior members and up to 6 senior members.

The current membership of the Committee is:

Ssuuna Golooba-Mutebi  (Junior Librarian, St John's College)
Fran Varley  (Librarian Elect, Somerville College)
Belinda Gurung  (Standing Committee representative, Trinity College)
Sean Power (Senior Librarian, Oriel College)
Su Lockley (Librarian-in-Charge)
Valerie Beautemps  (Minutes Secretary)
Altair Brandon-Salmon  (Wadham College)
Stephen Hawes  (Balliol College)
Ryan Mao  (University College)
Hannah Mooradian  (Worcester College)
Robert Paver  (St Anne's College)
Connor Warden  (St Edmund Hall)
Francesca Webb  (Pembroke College)
Brian Wong  (Pembroke College)
Mark Bosley (Senior Member)
Phillip Counsell (Senior Member)
Tim Foot  (Senior Member)
Dorkina Myrick  (Senior Member)
John Whitehead (Senior Member)

The Committee is always keen to hear from potential new members, both junior and senior.  To find out more, email  

See below for recent minutes of the Library Committee.









Library Strategy Committee

The Library Strategy Committee is chaired by the Senior Librarian and meets once a term.  Its remit is to advise on issues concerning the long term strategic development of the library service.  The Committee also approves the annual library strategy document.  The current membership of the Library Strategy Committee is:

Sean Power  (Senior Librarian, Oriel College)
Robert Harris  (President, Somerville College)
Ssuuna Golooba-Mutebi  (Junior Librarian, St John's College)
Fran Varley  (Librarian-Elect, Somerville College)
Niamh Coote  (ex-Junior Librarian, Pembroke College)
Su Lockley (Librarian-in-Charge)
Diana Hackett (Minutes Secretary)
Nicholas Field-Johnson (OLDUT)
Lindsey Warne (Bursar)
Jeremy Worth (IT Officer)
Brian Wong  (Library Committee representative)
Hannah Mooradian  (Library Committee representative)
John Whitehead  (Library Committee representative)
Amanda Saville (Librarian, Queen's College)
Fiona Wilkes (Librarian, Wolfson College)
Ruth Bird (representative of Bodleian Libraries)

See below for recent minutes of the Library Strategy Committee:









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