DVD sale  

There are lots of withdrawn DVDs for sale in the Old Library.  Look in the bookcase just opposite the door.  Bargains galore!      



Chandelier repairs - Tuesday 21 April  

Repair work on the chandeliers in the Old Library will be carried out on Tuesday 21 April.  There may be noise and other disruption.  To avoid being disturbed you may wish to work in the Poetry Room or the Goodman Library until the work is finished. 

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.      

Trinity term 2015  

The Library is now open term time hours which are:

Mon-Fri 0930-1900
Sat: 1200-1630

If the main Library is closed or busy you can still work in any of the other rooms in the Union as long as they are not in use for events.  Try the Goodman Library on the ground floor; the Gladstone Room and the Morris Room on the first floor or the TV Room on the top floor.  And in all the rooms on the first and second floors you are welcome to take food and drink as well.

All vacation book loans are due back on Tuesday 28 April.     

Easyfundraising for the Union Library 

Easyfundraising is just that - an easy way for your to raise money for the Union Library every time you go shopping online.  And there is absolutely no cost to yourself or the Union!

What you need to do is to register for Easyfundraising at:


Click on "Yes sign me up" to register yourself.

Then whenever you go online shopping, login to Easyfundraising first and search "Retailers".  If the retailer you want is listed, click on the orange "Go shopping" link. Whatever you order then earns for the Union the percentage donation shown. 

It's easy - give it a try!

Sign up to the Oxford Union Society school fundraising ideas page



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Term Card

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If you have any questions or requests about this term please do not hesitate to get in touch at You can join all year round, so if you're not a member yet - don't worry as it's not too late!