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The Library's Collection development policy describes the kind of materials that the Library should aim to hold in its collections.  Working within this, each week during term time the Library Committee prepares lists of books and DVDs for purchase and of items to be withdrawn from the Library.  In addition to the regular stock selection programme book and DVD suggestions from members are always weclomed.

See below for recent lists of book and DVD purchases and withdrawals.

New books

View our new books for Trinity Term 2017  here. 

View our new books for Hilary Term 2017  here.

View our new books for Michaelmas Term 2016 here.


New DVDs

Our new DVDs for Trinity term 2017 are available here.

Our new DVDs for Hilary term 2017 are available here.

Our new DVDs for Michaelmas term 2016 are available here. 







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