Standing Committee

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The Standing Committee is the Oxford Union Society's governing body. It meets at 4pm on Monday in term, in the Presidentís Office, and is chaired by the President. All business except in-camera business is open to members. Members of Standing Committee can be contacted as follows.


The President
Olivia Merrett, St John's College

The Librarian
Stuart Webber, Somerville College

The Treasurer
Zuleyka Shahin, Balliol College

The Secretary
Nikolay Koshikov, Exeter College

The President-Elect
Charles Vaughan, St John's College

The Librarian-Elect
Robert Harris, New College

The Treasurer-Elect
Verity Hubbard, Lady Margaret Hall


Standing Committee Elected Members:

Ssuuna Golooba-Mutebi, St John's College

Niamh Coote, Pembroke College

Noah Lachs, Lincoln College
Kirsty Simpkin, Somerville College
David Browne, Merton College



The Chairman of Consultative Committee

Samual Billington, Somerville College

The Returning Officer

Michael Flagg, St Hugh's College

The Senior Treasurer
Stephen Dixon (Cantab.)

The Senior Librarian

Sean Power, Oriel

The Bursar

Lindsey B Warne

Term Card

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If you have any questions or requests about this term please do not hesitate to get in touch at You can join all year round, so if you're not a member yet - don't worry as it's not too late!