Standing Committee

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The Standing Committee is the Oxford Union Society's governing body. It meets at 5pm on Monday in term, in the Presidentís Office, and is chaired by the President. All business except in-camera business is open to members. Members of Standing Committee can be contacted as follows.


The President
Parit Wacharasindhu, St John's

The Librarian
Ben Sullivan, Christ Church

The Treasurer
Sachin Srivastava, Jesus

The Secretary
Roberto Weeden-Sanz, St Benet's Hall

The President-Elect
Polina Ivanova, University

The Librarian-Elect
Crawford Jamieson, Trinity

The Treasurer-Elect
Mayank Banerjee, St John's


Standing Committee Elected Members:

Kostas Chryssanthopoulos, St Peter's
Sophie Chen, Merton
Sian Allen, The Queen's
Risham Nadeem, University

Mehrunissa Sajjad, Merton


The Chairman of Consultative Committee

Erik Hammar, Christ Church

The Returning Officer
Martine Wauben, Pembroke

The Senior Treasurer
Stephen Dixon

The Senior Librarian
Revd. Dr. Robert Tobin, Oriel

The Bursar
Lindsey Warne