Appointed Officials


Chief of Staff

Olivia Merrett, St John's College

Guest Liason Officer

Mark Fischel, Balliol College

Owen Mears, Lincoln College

Elise Jelsma, Pembroke College

Adam Dayan, Magdalen College

George Dennis, Christ Church

Jennifer Brawn, St Hugh's College

Edward Saunders, New College

Seana Moon White, Jesus College

Gina Sternberg, Mansfield College

Joel Allen, Wycliffe College

Emily Pritchard, Worcester College

Louis Trupia, Brasenose College

Zuleyka Shahin, Balliol College

Access Officers

Samual Billington, Somerville College

Daniel Haynes, New College

Claire Butler, Worcester College

Press Officer

Daniel Valentine, Hertford College

International Officer

Ryan Mao, University College

Graduate Officer

Lewis Willcocks, St Cross College

Tim Muller, Keble College

Women's Officers

Claire Butler, Worcester College

Jacqueline Gallo, Pembroke College

Alice White, Lincoln College

Digital Strategy

Alexander Trafford, Pembroke College


Brookes Officer

Anne-Marie Grigorescu, Oxford Brookes


SBS Liaison Officer

Rishi Kartari, Green Templeton College




Term Card

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