Mental Health Panel

  • Event Start: 10th February 2020, 8:30pm
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The Loneliest Generation: Mental Health In The 21st Century

Over the last few years, mental health issues have emerged from the shadows of stigmatisation and shame to become recognised as an epidemic of global importance, with rates of depression, anxiety, and loneliness on the rise, and the WHO estimating that one in four suffer from some form of mental disorder.

In light of this, the need for policy solutions has become increasingly urgent, and last year, then-British Prime Minister Theresa May announced the appointment of a 'Minister of Loneliness' to help tackle this growing area of concern. What more, then, can be done to address the invisible afflictions of loneliness and despair, and turn the tide on the mental health crisis?



  • Jonny Benjamin, MBE  :  Mental health campaigner and author. In 2008, he launched the viral 'Find Mike' campaign to raise mental health and suicide awareness.
  • Kevin Hines  :  Suicide prevention speaker and mental health campaigner. He survived an attempted suicide when he jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Natasha Devon, MBE  :  Writer and mental health awareness campaigner. She was the unaugural Mental Health Champion for Schools with the Department for Education.
  • Prof. Elyn Saks  :  Law and psychology professor, and expert on mental health law. She is the author of The Centre Cannot Hold, about her experience of schizophrenia.