Finance Panel

  • Event Start: 24th February 2020, 8:00pm
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A Decade Of Innovation: Financial Services In The 2020s

Over the past decade, the financial industry has had to reform extensively in the wake of the financial crisis. Yet, while this change has been widespread, many continue to argue that not enough has been done to safeguard society from the financial markets.

The decade to come, meanwhile, promises yet more transformation, with fintech becoming ever more important, the geopolitical scene changing in dramatic ways, and pressure increasing to address issues such as climate crisis and inequality. How will finance adapt to the challenges of the new decade, and help shape the world in the years to come?


  • Gillian Tett  :  U.S. Managing Editor and Markets and Finance Columnist at the Financial Times. She has received numerous awards for her journalism.
  • Cristina Alba-Ochoa  :  Chief Financial Officer at OakNorth Bank, a UK bank providing business and property loans to small and medium-sized companies.
  • Rachel Lord  :  BlackRock's Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Global Executive Committee member. She manages over $1.76tn worth of assets.
  • John Hourican  :  CEO of NewDay, one of the UK's largest credit card issuers, and former CEO of Bank of Cyprus