Diversity & Fashion Panel POSTPONED

  • Event Start: 26th February 2020, 5:00pm
  • Event Type:

Due to the travel lockdown in Milan following the coronavirus outbreak in Italy, Gucci has unfortunately postponed the fashion panel this week

The Value of Inclusion

Fashion has a unique role as both a multibillion-dollar business, and a creative industry with enormous cultural reach. Despite its importance, however, the world of fashion has often faced criticism for being too exclusionary. For too long, fashion has presented a single, western-centric model of femininity and beauty, and been dominated by homogeneous European and North American perspective.

In recent years, there have been signs of change, from Vogue appointing its first black Editor-in-Chief, to trans, plus-sized, and otherwise-abled models increasingly appearing on catwalks. Despite these changes, much remains to be done. In this panel, we gather some of the industry's most influential figures to discuss the importance of inclusion in fashion and beyond.



Marco Bizzari  :  President and CEO of Gucci. He also serves on the Executive Committee of Kering, one of the largest luxury groups in the world.
Sinead Burke  :  Lecturer and advocate for diversity in design. One of Vogue UK's 'Forces for Change,' last year, she became the first little person on the magazine's cover.
Dapper Dan  :  American fashion from Harlem, New York. His store is most associated with introducing high fashion to the hip hop world.
Hari Nef  :  American actress, model and writer. She is the first openly transgender person to appear on the cover of a major British magazine.