Holocaust Memorial Day Panel

  • Event Start: 9th March 2020, 8:00pm
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Never Again: Remembering The Shoah

The Shoah shocked the conscience of the world, representing evil on an unfathomable scale, and inspiring the international pledge that it would never be forgotten, nor ever be repeated. Holocaust memorials were erected around the world. The horrors of the Shoah were etched into the literature and political thought of the 20th Century. A new international order was established, devoted to global cooperation and peace.

Today, 75 years on from the end of WWII, the Shoah feels like part of a distant past, yet continues to stand as a stark warning from history, which we cannot allow ourselves to forget. The personal stories of its living survivors, especially are a precious resource, powerfully testifying to experience to experience of this unimaginable atrocity, and emphasising our responsibility to remember and understand.

This term, we are privileged enough to host some of the Shoah's living survivors.


Speaker line up to be announced