Book Purchase Requests for Trinity term 2020

Whilst the library is currently closed due to the current Covid-19 situation, the library is pleased to offer a book purchase request service to Union members during Trinity term 2020.


Submitting a request:

Members are invited to send purchase requests to

Please include the following information:

  • Your name and the address you would like the book to be sent to.
  • Proof of Union membership in the form of a photo of your membership card.
  • The bibliographic details of the book e.g. Title, author, edition, year of publication, ISBN.
  • Reason for purchase.

Please note that, due to large demand, we will be prioritising requests needed for examinations, coursework deadlines, or because of financial reasons. This isn't to say that we won't consider requests for things such as leisure reading, as escaping in a good book can be just a important at times like these!

What happens after I’ve submitted a request?

Requests will be considered by Library Committee each Monday afternoon and those who submitted requests will be notified of the decision.

Please note that we have limited funds for each week, so it may not be possible to meet all requests.

If a request is successful, the book placed on order will be considered Oxford Union Society property from the moment of purchase.

Once the book has arrived, please notify the library so we can update our records.

When the library reopens it is expected that all books purchased by the Union will be returned to the library.

Due to the pressure on the postal service at present, we cannot guarantee an arrival date.

Can I request books that the library already has copies of?


When will the book be due for return?

October 13th, in line with all our current books on loan, or when the library has reopened, whichever comes later.

What happens if I don’t return the book after the due date or once the library has reopened?

The library will send out an invoice for the cost of the book and postage within a reasonable amount of time. If the book isn’t returned within the defined period, then that member’s Union membership will be suspended.

Can I make a purchase request to a non-UK address?

Yes, although significant postage costs may factor in the Library Committee's decision.

Who covers the return to postage costs to Oxford?

The return costs are expected to be paid by the member returning the book. 

What happens to my personal information that is submitted in the request?

If your request is successful, your details will stay on file until the book is returned, at which you will be given the option to have a library account set up on your behalf.

If your request is unsuccessful, your details will be removed from our system.


By submitting a request, you agree to the terms outlined above.