The Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is the Union's governing body, which makes all major decisions concerning the running of the Society, and oversees the work of all committees. It meets at 16:00 each Monday during term, in the President's Office. All business, except in-camera business, is open to members.

Meetings of the Standing Committee may still take place via online platforms when the buildings are closed.  If a member would like to be given notice of these meetings, please contact The President, Mahi Joshi, at

Members of the Standing Committee are as follows:

The President  Mahi Joshi, Trinity College  Contact

The Librarian  Harry Deacon, Pembroke College Contact

The Treasurer  Jack Solomon, St Peter's College Contact

The Secretary  Cansu Uyguroglu, Pembroke College Contact

The President-Elect  Beatrice Barr, St Peter's College Contact

The Librarian-Elect  Julia Willemyns, Merton College Contact

The Treasurer-Elect  Geneva Roy, Brasenose College Contact

The Chair of the Consultative Committee  Louisa Broeg, Wadham College  Contact

The Chair of Debates Selection Committee  Geneva Roy, Brasenose College Contact

The Access Officers   Rachel Hart, Wadham College Contact

Standing Committee Elected Members:

  • Tamzin Lent, St Peter's College
  • Frankie Wright, Trinity College
  • Olly Boyland, University College
  • Adam Roble, St Edmund Hall
  • Adam Shewry, Balliol College
  • Rochelle Moss, Oriel College
  • Joseph Mochhoury, St Hugh's College

The Returning Officer James Matthews, Balliol College Contact

The Senior Librarian Sean Power, Oriel College

The Senior Treasurer Timothy Myatt, Wolfson College

The Bursar Lindsey B. Warne Contact