Lord Michael Dobbs at the Oxford Union

  • Event Start: 14th June 2016, 9:00pm
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A best-selling author, Lord Dobbs served as an advisor to Margaret Thatcher, and then as Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party under Sir John Major. His writing career took off with the publication of 'House of Cards' in 1989, a political thriller which was turned into a BAFTA-winning television miniseries. More recently, the series has been adapted by Netflix into an international sensation starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, with Lord Dobbs as Executive Producer. He will be speaking on the topic: “Life, Liquor and Lust: How House of Cards Wrote Itself”. RANDOM BALLOT FOR DRINKS: https://goo.gl/ju8BwS The ballot for drinks will close at 12:00 on Monday 13th June.