This House Believes The Manipulation of Human DNA is an Ethical Necessity

  • Event Start: 26th May 2016, 9:30pm
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PROPOSITION Lynda Truong, Linacre College: Graduate Fellow of the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. A scholar of genetics, she is investigating the effect of unnatural and post-transcriptional nucleic acid modifications in RNA aptamers. Prof. Sir Ian Wilmut OBE: Lead scientist of the research team which cloned Dolly the Sheep, he was knighted for his services to science in 2008. He is Chair of the Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. Prof. Julian Savulescu: Director of the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, and one of the world’s most outspoken philosophers on ‘procreative beneficence’. He is Editor of the Journal of Medical Ethics. OPPOSITION Dr Rahul Gandhi, Green Templeton College: Medical doctor, neuroscientist and former monk. He is now a dual MBA/MPH student at Oxford/Harvard, and wants to improve healthcare access in developing countries. Prof. Barbara Evans: Professor of Law, George Butler Research Professor, and Director of the Center for Biotechnology at the University of Houston. She specialises in the relationship between biotechnology, genetics, and the law. Prof. Norman Fost: Paediatrician and leading bioethicist, he was part of President Clinton’s Health Care Reform Task Force. He is Director of the Medical Ethics Programme at the University of Wisconsin. RANDOM BALLOT FOR DINNER: The ballot will close at 12:00 on Tuesday 24th May 2016. The prizes for this week's best debate floor speeches will be: •Main Debate First Prize: Lunch for 2 at Gee's. •Main Debate Second Prize: Cinema Tickets for 4 at the Ultimate Picture Palace. •Emergency Debate Prize: £50 Meal Voucher at Joe's Bar & Grill. The Emergency Debate will be announced shortly. To have your say before the debate, please take part in our Pre-Debate Poll on Twitter: