Class Debate at the Oxford Union

  • Event Start: 24th November 2016, 8:30pm
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7.45 PM - Union Election Hustings 8.30 PM - Main Debate "This House Believes the Class System is Static Irrespective of Wealth Acquisition" Does social class consist of more than just a bank statement? Does social capital supersede economic capital? Is true social mobility in any way realistic? By addressing this issue in Oxford of all places, we hope to explore the contemporary dichotomy between economic means and social status, and scrutinise the preconceptions thereof that underpin our society. SPEAKERS Proposition: Frances Varley: 3rd Year History Student at Somerville College, and current Librarian of the Union. Kate Fox: A social anthropologist, Kate Fox is co-director of the Social Issues Research Centre. Her recent book on the behaviour of different English classes sold half a million copies. Dr Lisa McKenzie: A research fellow at LSE, Lisa McKenzie works on class inequality. In 2015 she published 'Getting By: Estates, Class, and Culture in Austerity Britain.' Opposition: Simon Jagoe: 2nd Year Law Student at Wadham College, and a member of the Union's Secretary's Committee. Lord Norman Tebbit : From a working class family, Lord Norman Tebbit is former Chairman of the Conservative Party and Employment Secretary. He facilitated Thatcher’s tougher approach to the Unions. 3rd Speaker: TBC This event is organised in close partnership with TeachFirst.