LGBTQ Allies Debate at the Oxford Union

  • Event Start: 19th January 2017, 8:30pm
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* To ballot for a place at the debate dinner and receptions with the speakers, click here: The ballot will close at 23:59 on Monday 16 January 2017. * "This House Regrets the Prominence of Allies in the LGBTQ+ Movement" Did the song Same Love promote Macklemore or the movement? Although many in the LGBTQ+ community welcome the support offered by allies (resembling initiatives like HeForShe behind other causes), some have warned that allies’ voices drown out those of people with lived experience and profit from their oppression. Does this advocacy do more harm than good? SPEAKERS Proposition Scott Bixby: American journalist and commentator. Bixby covers LGBTQ+ news and US politics for The Guardian, following stints at Mic, The Daily Beast, Bloomberg, and New Republic. Bethany Black: Comedian and actress. Black, who has featured in Doctor Who and Russell T Davies’ Cucumber and Banana, is known for her black comedy and frank discussion of her experiences. Nikki Sinclaire: Former MEP for the West Midlands. Sinclaire, the UK’s first openly trans Parliamentarian, sued her former UKIP group for sex discrimination in 2010, before establishing her own Eurosceptic party. Opposition Asifa Lahore: The UK’s first Muslim drag queen and star of a Channel 4 documentary. Lahore is outspoken on the intersection of homosexuality and Islam, and the process of coming out to traditional parents. Emily Brothers: The first openly trans Westminster candidate. Brothers stood with the Labour Party in 2015, having previously served as Programme Head at the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Tim Ramsey: Founder and Chief Executive of just like us, a charity supporting young LGBTQ+ people. Ramsey, an Oxford alumnus and former teacher, made national news by returning to his school to come out.