Democracy Debate

  • Event Start: 25th May 2017, 8:30pm
  • Event Type:

This House Believes Democracy Is For Sale

Speakers in Proposition:

  • Cenk Uygur  -  A former attorney and outspoken liberal activist, Uyger co-founded the popular online show The Young Turks.  He founded Wolf-Pac, a lobbying group for campaign finance reform
  • Lord Paul Tyler CBE PC DL  - MP for North Cornwall in 1974, and from 1992-2005.  He has served as Chief Whip of the Liberal Democrats, and Chairman of the LKiberal Party
  • Alexandra Runswick  -  Director of Unlock Democracy, a grassroots campaign to make democracy fairer.  Runswick regularly advocates electoral reform in the UK

Speakers in Opposition:

  • Floyd Abrams  -  Expert on the American constitution and prominent litigator, Abrams challenged the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act as a violation of the First Amendment
  • James Bopp Jr  -  One of the most influential lawyers in America, Bopp has argued countless election law cases and represented Citizens United in its earlier stages of litigation


Prior to this debate, the Emergency Debate will be held at 7.45pm on the Motion:  This House Would Make Voting Mandatory


With many thanks to the following who have generously donated floor prizes for the Main Debate:






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