Technology Panel

  • Event Start: 26th May 2017, 5:00pm
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Hacking Human Attention: The Ethics of Persuasive Technology

Online technology is evolving to better exploit our psychological weaknesses. With politicians and corporations fiercely competing for the public’s attention, we explore the current methods of manipulation and the increasing ethical challenges facing the "attention economy."


  • Prof. Tim Wu  -  Prof. Wu teaches law at Columbia University and is a contributor for the New York Times. Having coined the term “network neutrality”, Prof. Wu has been named one of “America's 100 Most Influential Lawyers."
  • Prof. Mary Aiken  -  A specialist on the impact of technology on human behaviour, Prof. Aiken is a leading forensic cyberpsychologist and advisor to the European Cybercrime Centre at Europol.
  • Prof. Luciano Floridi  -  Prof. Floridi serves as the Director of Research at the Oxford Internet Institute. A Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at Oxford, he also advised Google on the Right to be Forgotten.