Tech Debate

  • Event Start: 1st February 2018, 8:30pm
  • Event Type:

This House Believes The Rise of Tech Empires Threatens Society

Facebook, Google and Amazon have made communication and commerce considerably easier in a globalised world, but has this come at the unacceptable cost of allowing an oligopoly in the technology sector to grow too powerful?

Speakers in Proposition:

  • Rory-Cellan Jones : BBC Tech Correspondent, he has spent 25 years covering the cultural and commercial impact of the internet
  • Katherine Maher : Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation, she has focused on using technology to promote human rights and international development

Speakers in Opposition:

  • Matt Warman MP : Conservative Party politician and former Technology Editor of The Telegraph, he co-chairs the All-Party Parliamentayr Group on Broadband and Digital Communication
  • Kathryn Parsons : Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Decoded, a startup which runs courses in programming;  she has been ranked as one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs in Britain

Prior to this debate, the Emergency Debate will be held at 7.45pm on a motion to be decided at this week's Consultative Committee

With many thanks to the following who have generously donated floor prizes for this debate: