Whistleblowing Panel

  • Event Start: 27th February 2018, 8:00pm
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Whistleblowing : Exposing Injustices Or Undermining Institutions?

The issue of whistleblowing concerns potential clashes between national security, intellectual property rights and the need for public scrutiny.  In an age where Wikileaks is able to release millions of documents in an instant, how should these issues be addressed?  Are whistleblowers acting morally, and are they being treated fairly?

  • Ewen MacAskill : The Defence and Intelligence Correspondent for the Guardian, MacAskill was one of the journalists that released the Snowden disclosures about the NSA’'s surveillance programs.
  • Heather Marsh : A human rights and internet activist, Marsh was the Administrator of Wikileaks Central between 2010 and 2012.
  • David Shed : Shedd is a former CIA operative and was Deputy Director of National Intelligence before becoming acting Director of the Defence Intelligence Agency.