Art Debate

  • Event Start: 10th May 2018, 8:30pm
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This House Believes Art is the Best Means to a Peaceful Revolution

Art possesses an ability to invigorate, inspire and unite individuals.  But has that influence been overestimated?  Does art truly have the power to incite long-lasting political change or is our politicisation of art more self-defeating than we realise?

Speakers in Proposition:

  • Christine Burns MBE : Author and former Vice President of Press for Change, a UK-based support organisation for trans people
  • Deepa Mehta OC : Canado-Indian film director and screenwriter, best known for her Elements trilogy
  • Prof Stephen Duncombe : Professor of Media & Culture at New York University, and director of the Center for Artistic Activism

Speakers in Opposition:

  • Julian Spalding: Writer, former director of Glasgow Museums & creator of Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art; outspoken critic of contemporary art world who coined the term 'Con Art'
  • Nadia Rose: Rapper from Croydon, BBC Sound of 2017 nominee, and Stormzy's cousin

Prior to this debate, the Emergency Debate will be held at 7.45pm on a motion to be decided at this week's Consultative Committee

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