Modern Slavery Panel

  • Event Start: 24th October 2018, 8:00pm
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Modern Slavery Panel  :  "Hiding in Plain Sight"

Once associated with the cotton fields of the American South and the sugar plantations of Haiti, the face of slavery today encompasses child labour, forced sex work, and the persecution of domestic workers.  This panel aims to bring together the voices of philanthropists, activists and policy-makers to evaluate measures such as the UK's Modern Slavery Act of 2015 and GRETA, and to discuss a comprehensive individual, social and policy response for the future


  • Monique Villa  :  The CEO of the Thonson Reuter Foundation, the charitable arm of the Canadian news network.  She mainly campaigns on modern slavery and human trafficking
  • Manasi Pradhan  :  One of the world's foremost women's rights activists and authors, she is the founder of the Honour for Women National Campaign to end violence against women in India
  • Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss  :  The first female Lord Justice of Appeal, she chaired the 2014 Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse
  • Andrew Wallis OBE  :  CEO of Unseen, a multi-award winning charity working towards a world without slavery.  He is also Chairman of the Working Group for the Centre for Social Justice's landmark report on the issue