Press Panel

  • Event Start: 1st March 2019, 8:00pm
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The Future of the Media in  a Post-Truth Age

Information is now more accessible than ever, yet there is no guarantee of accuracy.  Public trust in the media is at an all-time low, with the rise of "fake news" and "post-truth politics" making fact-based journalism an increasingly challenging endeavour.  As the importance of personality over policy continues to grow in politics, some argue political journalism has little more to offer than its tabloid cousin.

In light of the above, we ask, what is the future for the media and how can it retain its relevance in this changing social and political climate?  Is traditional media losing its relevance in a post-truth age?  And is the diligence and journalistic integrity of the mainstream media being overlooked in favour of clickbait, sensationalised stories?


  • Jon Snow : Longest-running presenter of Channel 4 News
  • Emily Maitlis : Presenter of BBC Two's Newsnight
  • Robert Guest : Foreign Editor of The Economist