Toxic Masculinity Debate

  • Event Start: 2nd May 2019, 8:30pm
  • Event Type:

This House Rejects Traditional Masculinity

The #MeToo movement has called into question the merits of the assertiveness and combative behaviour asociated with traditional masculinity.  In response, some defend masculinity as a uniting force for men in a world where suicide is the leading cause of death for men under 35.  Must we reject traditional masculinity for men to participate authentically and responsibly in today's society, or would this be an undue denial of identity?

Speakers in Proposition:

  • Wade Davis : A former American football player for the NFL, he is now an activist, writer, and educator.  He supports an array of LGBTQIA+ initiatives, specifically regarding gay men in professional sports
  • Leila Brillson  :  A former Execitive Editor of Playboy, she currently works as a manager for Netflix Original Series, in addition to writing and editing for Refinery29 and Nylon

Speakers in Opposition:

  • Jud Horras  :  Currently President and CEO of the North American Intrafraternity Conference, he has worked in the fraternity administration at Beta Theta Pi since his graduation from Iowa State University
  • Martin Daubney  :  A journalist and commentator, he was the longest serving editor of Loaded, a publication known for being a 'lad magazine'.  Daubney also co-founded The Men & Boys Coalition

Prior to this debate, the Emergency Debate will be held at 7.45pm on a motion to be decided at this week's Consultative Committee