Trump Debate

  • Event Start: 23rd May 2019, 8:30pm
  • Event Type:

This House Prefers Trump’s Foreign Policy to Obama’s

President Trump’s foreign policy has sought to actively reverse strategic decisions made by President Obama, as is evident in the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.  Yet Trump’s “America First” focus has leveraged the Presidency to initiate conversations that would not have seemed possible in previous years.  Is Trump’s display of nationalism preferable to Obama’s more cooperative approach?

Speakers in Proposition:

  • Admiral Dennis Blair  :  Former US Director of National Intelligence and retired US Navy admiral, he served in the White House under both Presidents Carter and Reagan.  Admiral Blair worked as Obama’s first Director of National Intelligence before resigning in May 2010
  • Rebeccah Heinrichs  :  Specialising in nuclear deterrence and missile defence, she is currently a senior fellow of the Hudson Institute.  Heinrichs was instrumental in starting the BiPartisan Missile Defence Caucus

Speakers in Opposition:

  • Amy Pope  :  Former US Deputy Homeland Security Advisor to President Obama, she is currently a partner at Schillings.  Prior to joining the White House, Pope worked in several positions at the US Department of Justice
  • Secretary Jeh Johnson  :  Previously the General Counsel of the Department of Defense, he went on to serve as the fourth US Secretary of Homeland Security in the Obama administration.  He is now a partner at Paul Weiss

Prior to this debate, the Emergency Debate will be held at 7.45pm on a motion to be decided at this week's Consultative Committee