Carles Puigdemont MP

  • Event Start: 28th May 2019, 8:00pm
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Former President of the Government of Catalonia

Puigdemont was the President of the Government of Catalonia from January 2016 to October 2017, until his removal from office by the Spanish Government following the unilateral declaration of independence of Catalonia sparked uproar and unrest across the region. Puigdemont began his career as a journalist and was the Editor-in-Chief of El Punt.  He was later the Director of the Catalan News Agency, as well as the Director of Girona’s cultural centre Casa de Cultura, before being elected Mayor of Girona.  Chair of the Catalan European Democratic Party (PDeCAT) and leader of the Junts per Catalunya (JuntsxCat) electoral alliance, he is now residing in Belgium, living in exile