Voices From North Korea

  • Event Start: 21st May 2019, 8:00pm
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In Conversation with Ji Hyeona & Kim Jeong-Ah

For decades, North Korea has been one of the most secretive countries in the world.  It is virtually impossible to hear the voices of its ordinary citizens, and even harder to uncover the brutal atrocities committed by its regime.  An opportunity to interact with individuals who have managed to escape from North Korea will be informative about the challenges they faced, their lived experiences, and the work they have done since defecting.  It also reflects the different avenues by which North Korean defectors have fought for their cause and shed light on the Hermit Kingdom


Ji Hyeona  :  A human rights activist and author, Hyeona fled North Korea four times, but was arrested in China and repatriated.  She was able to successfully defect in 2002, eventually reaching South Korea

Kim Jeong-Ah  :  Before defecting from North Korea in 2006, Kim served in the military for 7 years.  Today, she heads an NGO which helps children that have been separated from their mothers in the course of their defection from North Korea