Centrism Panel

  • Event Start: 6th June 2019, 8:00pm
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Reclaiming the Centre Ground

As a result of ever increasing political polarisation, a gap has opened up in the British centre-ground.  With the formation of new centrist groups like Change UK (formerly The Independent Group) somewhat echoing the Group of Four, and the continued presence of the Liberal Democrats, we ask:  what does the future of the British centre-ground look like?  Will this be a radical transformation of British politics or yet another failed attempt to break the two-party system?


  • Sir Vince Cable MP  :  MP for Twickenham and Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Britain's largest pro-European and centrist party, Sir Vince recently said the Liberal Democrats are open to cooperating with Change UK
  • Ryan Wain  :  Wain is the CEO of United for Change, a centrist political movement founded in August 2018 which seeks to "promote long-term solutions to the UK's problems"