Eva Clarke BEM

  • Event Start: 13th June 2019, 5:00pm
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Holocaust Survivor

Clarke was born in Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Austria, in April 1945. She and her mother are the only Holocaust survivors of their family, 15 members of whom were killed in Auschwitz. In December 1941 Clarke's parents were sent to Theresienstadt Concentration Camp, later onto Auschwitz, and ultimately to Mauthausen, where Clarke was born in a cart with no medical assistance. If the gas chambers had not been blown up on the 28th April 1945 and the American Army had not liberated Mauthausen three days after Clarke's birth, Clarke nor her mother would have survived. Clarke and her mother returned to Prague in 1948, and in the same year they emigrated to the UK. Clarke has lived in Cambridge since 1968.