Space Debate

  • Event Start: 28th November 2019, 8:30pm
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This House Believes The Future Is In Space

50 years on from the moon Landing, space continues to fascinate and inspire.  As space exploration enters a new era, might our future be out there, among the stars?

Speakers in Proposition:

  • Dr Leroy Chiao  :  Former NASA astronaut and International Space Station Commander;  after NASA, he co-founded OneOrbit, and now serves as its CEO
  • Dr Ellen Stofan  :  Former NASA Chief Scientist;  she now serves a Director of the National Air & Space Museum in Washington DC

Speakers in Opposition:

  • Dr John Herrington  :  Former US Naval Aviator and NASA astronaut;  he served as a Mission Specialist for STS-113, and completed three spacewalks
  • Dr Loren Acton  :  Former astronaut and physicist;  he has logged over 190 hours in space, and served on Space Shuttle Mission STS-51-F


Prior to this debate,Officer Hustings will be held at 7.45pm ahead of this Friday's Oxford Union Elections