Religion Debate

  • Event Start: 27th February 2020, 8:30pm
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This House Believes That Religion Has No Place In Public Life

While many view religion as incompatible with enlightened democracy, religion continues to define the fault lines of public life across the world. Must faith be private, then, or does it have a place in the modern polity?


  • Prof. Peter Atkins  :  Fellow of Chemistry at Lincoln College, and 'Distinguished Supporter' of Humanists UK. He has spoken about the incompatibility of science and religion.
  • Ailbhe Smyth  :  Irish Academic and Activist. She serves as spokeswoman for the 'Repeal the Eighth' campaign, which successfully removed the constitutional ban on abortion in Ireland.
  • Mike Newdow  :  American Lawyer and atheist Minister. As an activist, he has led campaigns against religion in public schools and national politics.


  • Jayne Ozanne  :  Evangelical Anglican and former member of the Archbishops' Council. She is a campaigner for LGBTQ+ equality in the Church of England.
  • Prof. Richard Swinburne  :  British Philosopher and Intellectual. He supports philosophical arguments for the existence of God, and is the author of Faith and Reason.
  • Armin Navabi  :  Ex-Muslim athiest and Secular Activist. He is the founder of Atheist Republic.


Prior to this debate, the Emergency Debate will be held at 7.45pm on  a motion to be decided at this Monday's Consultative Committee