Prison Reform Debate

  • Event Start: 7th May 2020, 5:00pm
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Podcast Debate:

Behind the Bars:  How Do We Fix Our Prisons?

England and Wales have the largest prison population in Western Europe, with 80,000 currently incarcerated.  In the US that number is 2.3 million.  With governments around the world taking ‘tough on crime’ approaches, is the criminal justice system working?  Is the punitive system protecting us, or making society less safe for us all?


  • Dean Stalham : British artist and community activist.  Founder of the Art Saves Lives Foundation
  • Marcus Bullock : Founder and CEO of Flikshop, an app which connects incarcerated individuals with their families
  • Dyjuan Tatro : Advocate for criminal justice reform, and alumnus of the Bard Prison Initiative debate team
  • MiAngel Cody : Celebrated US attorney, noted for her work to free those service life in prison for drug offences, and support from Kim Kardashian


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Our weekly debates have always been at the very heart of the Oxford Union and it has been our mission to take our members to the very frontlines of the great arguments of the day.  This term will be no different as we strive to honour our commitment to public debate by showcasing a great and important diversity of opinions through the medium of podcast.
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