Afghanistan Debate, Part I

  • Event Start: 12th May 2020, 5:00pm
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Podcast Debate:

Afghanistan: The West’s Lost War?

The role of the West in Afghanistan is a debate as old as the conflict itself.  As the international foreign policy tide turns away from intervention, what is the legacy of the West in Afghanistan?  Does it remain a crucial actor, responsible for the protection of many lives, or is it responsible for more harm than good?


  • Matthew Hoh : A former Marine, he resigned from the State Department in 2010 over the escalation of war in Afghanistan and has since become a renowned peace activist
  • Carlotta Gall : British journalist and author.  She was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her coverage of Afghanistan and Pakistan for the New York Times
  • Ben Anderson : British journalist, filmmaker, and correspondent.  He has produced several award-winning films about the war in Afghanistan
  • Prof. Marvin Weinbaum : Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Illinois, and Director for Afghanistan and Pakistan Studies at The Middle East Institute


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