Love Island Debate

  • Event Start: 4th June 2020, 5:00pm
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Podcast Debate:

Love Island: Should We Regret The Summer of Love?

Love Island is not just a reality TV show, it is a cultural phenomenon.  Its impact extends far beyond the gossip columns;  in a supposedly egalitarian and liberated era, what does its popularity tell us about ourselves?  Is it just harmless fun, or does it represent something deeper?


  • Malin Andersson : Love Island Season 2 and Take Me Out contestant.  She is a mental health and body positivity advocate
  • Jack Fowler : Love Island Season 4 contestant. He has recently released his debut single, Back to Yours
  • Amy Hart : Love Island Season 5 and Celebs Go Dating contestant.  She left the Island early for mental health reasons
  • Dr Amelia Morris : Feminist academic, who has written extensively on the representation of female sexuality in Love Island


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Our weekly debates have always been at the very heart of the Oxford Union and it has been our mission to take our members to the very frontlines of the great arguments of the day.  This term will be no different as we strive to honour our commitment to public debate by showcasing a great and important diversity of opinions through the medium of podcast.
These debates will be structured like panel discussions and will be broadcast as a podcast on Spotify, Apple and Listen Notes Podcasts