COVID-19 Series: II

  • Event Start: 19th May 2020, 5:00pm
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Podcast Debate:

The Marginalised Voices of The Pandemic

Many have described COVID-19 as a great leveller.  Its consequences, however, look likely to only exacerbate international inequality.  Minorities and low-paid workers seem to be the hardest hit by the virus, and most likely to suffer the economic consequences.  Do marginalised voices risk being obscured in favour of economic recovery?


  • Dr Kamiar Alaei : Iranian doctor, formerly imprisoned by the Iranian government following his work in combating HIV/AIDS
  • Prof Linda Bauld : Scottish behavioural scientist, and current Bruce and John Usher Chair of Public Health at the University of Edinburgh
  • Nicole Jacobs : Domestic Abuse Commissioner for England and Wales.  She has worked for domestic abuse charities for over two decades
  • Paul Farmer CBE : CEO of Mind, the leading mental health charity in England and Wales.  He also serves as Chair of the NHS England Independent Oversight & Advisory Group


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Our weekly debates have always been at the very heart of the Oxford Union and it has been our mission to take our members to the very frontlines of the great arguments of the day.  This term will be no different as we strive to honour our commitment to public debate by showcasing a great and important diversity of opinions through the medium of podcast.
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