Press Debate

  • Event Start: 26th November 2020, 7:30pm
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This House Believes There Is No Future For The Free Press

From Hong Kong to the White House to the BBC, threats to press freedom loom worldwide.  Between fake news, financial limitations, and publishing monopolies, has press freedom passed the point of no return?

Speakers in Proposition  

  • James Ball  :  Journalist and author.  He has written for The Guardian, Wikileaks, and The Washington Post, and received numerous awards for his writing
  • Renate Schroeder  :  Director of the European Federation of Journalists, which represents over 300,000 journalists across the continent

Speakers in Opposition:

  • Mark Easton  :  Home Editor of BBC News.  He previously served as Social Affairs Editor at Channel 4 News and Political Editor at 5 News
  • Will Hutton  :  Academic and journalist who previously served as Editor-in-Chief of The Observer.  Until this year he was Principal of Hertford College, Oxford
  • Christian Broughton  :  Editor of the Independent since 2016, he previously served as the paper’s Digital Editor and helped launch Indy100

Unfortunately recent restriction changes mean this event is now online only : To Register and obtain access, PLEASE CLICK HERE