Debra Soh (Online)

  • Event Start: 19th February 2021, 5:00pm
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Neuroscientist & Sex & Gender Specialist

Described as a member of the ‘intellectual dark web’ by the New York Times, Soh is a renowned Canadian science columnist, author, political commentator and academic sex researcher.  A recipient of the Michael Smith Foreign Research Award from the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada and York’s Provost Dissertation Scholarship, Soh’s research indicates that abnormal sexual preferences are results of neurological conditions rather than learned behaviours.  Soh has written for Quillette, The Globe and Mail, New York Magazine, Playboy, Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal.  In 2020, she published her first book, The End of Gender:  Debunking The Myths About Sex & Identity in Our Society

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