Smashing The Silos: University Funding (Online)

  • Event Start: 30th January 2021, 1:00pm
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Smashing the Silos Series: 1

How University Funding Structures Shape Narrow Disciplines, & How To Challenge Them

Our opening Saturday focuses on the history of how the current model of university departments developed;  how that development impacts seeking to do interdisciplinary work;  and how different academics have managed to pursue interdisciplinary projects regardless

Speakers include (Please note individual start times):

  • 1pm : Prof Doyne Farmer  :  Director of Complexity Economics at the Oxford Martin School
  • 3pm : Prof David Edgerton  :  Hans Rausing Professor of the History of Science & Technology at King's College London
  • 5pm : Prof David Krakauer  :  President of the Santa Fe Institute

This event is online only  :  To register to obtain access for this event, PLEASE CLICK HERE