Scotland Debate (Online)

  • Event Start: 25th February 2021, 7:00pm
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This Union Would Save The Union

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The Scottish Independence referendum in 2014 was described as a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ for the Scottish people to determine their future.  However, a resurgence in support of Independence and the Scottish National Party’s continued dominance of Holyrood once again leaves the future of the UK uncertain.  Scotland’s place in the Union has been a thorny issue for decades, and the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union has only exacerbated tensions.  Now, with the SNP going into the 2021 Holyrood elections pledging a second referendum, the Union is once again under threat.  Should this Union try to save that one, and if so, can we?

Speakers in Proposition:

  • The Rt Hon. Sir Malcolm Rifkind  :  Former Conservative MP for Edinburgh Pentlands, who served as the Secretary State for Scotland under Margaret Thatcher.
  • The Rt Hon. Baroness Gisela Stuart  :  Former Labour MP for Birmingham Edgbaston and a current life peer, she was also the Chair of the Vote Leave Campaign Committee.
  • The Rt Hon.  Douglas Alexander  :  A former Scottish Labour Party MP, Alexander served as Secretary of State for Scotland under Tony Blair and was recently the Chair of UNICEF UK.

Speakers in Opposition:

  • Mark Littlewood  :  The Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs, Littlewood previously served as the chief press spokesman for the Liberal Democrats and was an advisor to David Cameron’s government.
  • Alyn Smith MP  :  Currently a Scottish National Party MP for Stirling, Smith previously served as the MEP for Scotland from 2004 to 2019.
  • Ewan Crawford  :  Crawford is the Senior Special Advisor to the First Minister of Scotland on the constitution and European Union affairs.

This event is online only  :  To register to attend this event, PLEASE CLICK HERE