Civil War Debate (Online)

  • Event Start: 11th March 2021, 7:00pm
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This House Is A Roundhead, Not A Cavalier

‘I judge a man by one thing, which side he would have liked his ancestors to fight on at Marston Moor?’ So asked Liberal MP Isaac Foot.  The roots of many English political divisions have been shaped by the struggles between the Cavaliers and Roundheads, the Protectorate of Cromwell and the Restoration of Charles II.  Be it on Brexit, lockdown or conduct in public life, does the Civil War still rage on?  This was the topic of the Union’s first ever debate, so it is abut time we ask members once again:  for whom would you take up arms?

Speakers in Proposition:

  • Daniel Hannan  :  The founding president of the Initiative for Free Trade and MEP for South East England until the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU.  He writes regular columns for the Sunday Telegraph and the International Business Times
  • Robert Tombs  :  Professor Emeritus of French History at Cambridge University, specialising in French political history.  He is planning to write a book on the history of Brexit
  • James Price  :  A dour, plain president who has often been beseech’d, in the bowels of Christ, to think it possible he may be mistaken about things.  Who funds him?

Speakers in Opposition:

  • Marcus Walker  :  Formerly Deputy Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome, the Anglican Communion’s embassy to the Vatican.  He co-ordinated the first Anglican Evensong at St Peter’s Basilica and has also worked as a parliamentary researcher
  • Madeline Waluigi Grant  :  Sketch writer for The Daily Telegraph, Madeline will rack her brains to win the debate for England, for home, and for the prize!

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