Smashing The Silos: Private Sector Silos (Online)

  • Event Start: 13th February 2021, 12:01pm
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Smashing the Silos Series 2:

Silos in Industry & The Power of Decentralisation

Professional licensing and intellectual property law helps shape silos of knowledge and skill within the labour market.  On this Saturday, a range of different thinkers explore how inevitable this is, and whether there might be a better way

Speakers include:

  • Prof David Levine  :  Dept of Economics and Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Study Joint Chair at the European University Institute
  • Dr Anton Howes :  Historian in Residence at the RSA
  • Prof Irene Ng  :  Turing Fellow and CEO of Dataswift
  • Prof Glen Parry  :  Professor of Digital Transformation at the University of Surrey

This event is online only  :  Actual time to be announced later

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