Smashing The Silos: Growth & Innovation (Online)

  • Event Start: 6th March 2021, 1:00pm
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Smashing the Silos Series 4:

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Growth & Innovation

Economists have sometimes been prone to treat innovation as manna from heaven, studying its impacts but not how it comes about.  This Saturday looks at what economists have to learn from the study of science, business and demography, to better understand competition, trade, growth and the long-term development of our economy.  This day is being delivered in partnership with the International Center for Law & Economics

Speakers include:

  • Prof Vernon Smith  :  2002 Nobel Prize Winner for contributions to behavioural economics
  • Emeritus Prof Charles Goodhart  :  The developer of Goodhart's Law
  • Dr Robert Atkinson  :  President of the information Technology & Innovation Foundation

This event is online only  :  Actual time to be confirmed later

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