Smashing the Silos: Human Progress (Online)

  • Event Start: 13th March 2021, 12:01pm
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Smashing the Silos Series: 5

Progress Studies:  The Systematic Study of Human Progress

Progress Studies is the name of an emerging school of thought dedicated to the systematic study of change in the economy, science and society.  Its questions cut across discliplines, seeking to understand what makes progress happen, and how it can be speeded up.  This day is being delivered in partnership with Works in Progress, a group of academics and entrepreneurs who are actively working to advance Progress Studies as a field of study

Speakers include:

  • Prof Tyler Cowen  :  Host of wide-ranging blog Marginal Revolution
  • Patrick Collison  :  Co-founder and CEO of Stripe
  • Prof Steven Pinker  :  Johnstone Professor at Harvard University

This event is online only  :  Actual time to be announced later