Smashing The Silos: The Development of Taboos (Online)

  • Event Start: 20th March 2021, 12:01pm
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Smashing the Silos Series: 6

What Can and Cannot Be Asked:  The Development of Taboos

On our last Saturday, we focus less on the formal silos that we see at universities and in the marketplace, and more on the silos in thought that determine what can and cannot be said or asked.  We bring together a broad range of thinkers and activists, from biologists to gender theorists, to interrogate how we can be better going forwards at bringing together insights from different fields to challenge the prevailing taboos of the day

Speakers include:

  • Prof Janet Radcliffe-Richards  :  Professor of Practical Philosophy at the University of Oxford
  • Prof Peter Singer  :  Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University
  • Dr Francesca Minerva  :  Founder of the Journal of Controversial Ideas

This event is online only  :  Actual time to be announced later