China Panel (Online)

  • Event Start: 19th February 2021, 2:00pm
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Drawing The Dragon:  Reporting on China in The 21st Century

More than ever before, the future of China is one of the biggest questions facing the world.  Yet the global perception of China has long been shaped by journalists' depiction of Chinese society, culture and politics.  As China struggles to enhance its 'soft power' in a manner commensurate with its perceived world-power status, what is the role of foreign correspondents and journalism?  What are the prisms through which they narrate their tales?

Cindy Yu  :  China reporter and broadcast editor at the Spectator.  She has written extensively about Chinese society - from marriage to education - and politics.  She has previously conducted specialised research on Chinese political propaganda and modern youth opinion
Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian  :  China reporter at Axios, where she writes high-impact investigations, exclusives and breaking news about China, with a focus on China's influence in the United States and abroad
David Barboza  :  Co-founder and a staff writer at The Wire.  Awarded the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting on corruption in the Chinese government, she has reported on Apple's operations in China

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