Notes on completing the Life Membership Form

COLLEGE  :  It is important to fill in your college - this is where the termcard etc will be sent to you until you leave

HOME ADDRESS  :  This is your permanent home address, not your Oxford address

EMAIL ADDRESS  :  Please supply both your non-college and college email addresses - thank you

BANKERS' ORDER / FACILITY FEE SUBSCRIPTION  :  This is an annual subscription of £9, called the Facility Fee, which covers the cost of the use of the rooms/facilities,  term card (ie programme of events) and its distribution to you, information updates, etc.  It is payable by all  members whilst they are in Oxford, and is due at the end of each academic year to which it relates. It is a requirement under the Rules that all members currently in Oxford pay the Facility Fee Subscription.

Please note that it is a Standing Order, not a Direct debit;  this means that the Union does not  have access to your bank account, and does not generate the request for payment each year - your bank will automatically pay the subscription.

Once you complete your course and leave Oxford, you should inform the General Office at the Union that you are leaving and wish to be removed from the mailing list;  you should then cancel the standing order with your bank.  Alternatively, if, as many members do, you wish to continue receiving the termcard - and as life members you will always be entitled to attend debates etc and use the facilities - then you should inform the Office that you wish to have your mailing address switched to your home address when you leave, and continue with the annual Facility Subscription.

If it is impractical to complete a standing order (eg you have a foreign bank), then it is possible to pay the Facility Subscription by cash in advance, but only for the full duration of your course (ie £27 for a course lasting three years).  This amount should be added to your membership payment.

Anyone not paying the Facility Subscription whilst they are in Oxford will not receive a term card, updates, etc and will be in breach of the Rules of the Union to which they have agreed.

ACCOUNT NO / SORT CODE  :  Please ensure that these are filled in clearly, together with the name and address of your bank

SIGNATURE   :  Don't forget to sign the form in two places:  at the end of the Bankers' Order section, and the Membership Fee section (this one is the all-important formal application for membership)

CARD DETAILS  :  It is not necessary to complete this section if you are presenting the card in person at the desk.  Please note that there is a surcharge for using credit cards, but this does not apply to debit cards.

REF NO / MEMBERSHIP NO  :  These will be completed by the Office staff

PHOTOGRAPHS  :  Don't forget to include two photographs - your membership application CANNOT be processed without them!

COLLECTION  :  Membership applications received after 30 September 2008 will not be posted to your home.  You should come into the Union to collect your card - look for the 'fast-track collection' or'online payments' notices in the Union during busy periods

CHEQUE PAYMENT  :  Cheques should be made payable to 'The Oxford Union'and have cheque guarantee card details written on the reverse (ie card number, expiry date, etc)

ACCESS SCHEME  :  Access Scheme qualification is by award of GOVERNMENT FULL MAINTENANCE GRANT ONLY - this is NOT a Bursary, Scholarship or Student Loan.  (PLEASE NOTE the Access Scheme is also LIFE membership - this is NOT short-term) 

LASTLY  :  Send in BOTH copies of the form - do NOT separate them!  Thank you!


If you have any queries not answered here, please telephone 01865 241353 or email  Thank you.